1. The surface of carpets should be flat, dry and without any dust.
  2. To prevent the corrosion of carpets you should use naphthalene, camphor or tobacco smoke when storing them.
  3. If you spill water, the area must be completely dried out.
  4. If you spill a drink or syrup you should immediately wash up locally and dry.
  5. You should prevent exposure to sunlight in order to prolong the carpet's life.
  6. If the carpets remain paved all over the year then it would be best to be switched front to back every six months for a few days.
  7. Do not place pots on your carpets because moisture will destroy them. Damage can also occur if you place very heavy items on the carpets.
  8. If you have problems with carpet eating bugs you must get advice from a professional or the company you bought it from.
  9. Wrap the carpet in cotton cloth and then store it in a dry - free of moisture space.